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hey hey =) i have a myspace now for all my lyts and graphics etc hope u can support me by adding me :] http://www.myspace.com/youreun iquedesign
sorry for spamming i usually dont do it too haha. this will be my first time to spam people.

Posted by michellekdo on Jan 7, 09 8:40 pm · History

thanks for the friend request =]
so i was reading the comment you left on my script and i was just wondering, do you really know how to look at private profiles? i mean, is it really possible? lol. you dont have 2 tell me how if u dont want to but i just think that's really cool lol.

Posted by PeRRiiN on Aug 26, 08 7:01 pm · History

thanks for the comment on my script....but as you may already know, there are still a lot of beginners out there who doesn't know that trick yet, so i guess we could say my script only works for them and not for the people who knows about "no style".

Posted by PeRRiiN on Aug 25, 08 1:34 pm · History

what's wrong with my code now? :/

Posted by sadiewearspradaaa on Jul 22, 08 3:22 pm · History

yeah, I have 1 linkin park layout someone requested. its available on my website for download, but I'm getting picky on which layouts to put on here.

Posted by eMarie2470 on Jul 3, 08 9:32 pm · History

no problems, so wassup with you?

Posted by MemoriesWithin on Jun 21, 08 2:46 am · History

hey. wassup? thanks for the request!

(my fault for the late accept]

Posted by MemoriesWithin on Jun 17, 08 6:34 pm · History

see that's the problem with createblog. they don't let submitters know if the script they're submitting is already made.

Posted by mistishadow on May 5, 08 7:47 pm · History

Nada mucho.
Juss kiccin it.

Posted by Ladii-J-Gfx on Apr 24, 08 8:30 pm · History


Posted by Ladii-J-Gfx on Apr 24, 08 3:48 am · History

Sorry about your tutorial. What picture did you use/where was it from? Maybe your tutorial wasnt clear enough or the result wasnt what they were looking for.

Posted by carolannexbh on Mar 1, 08 12:14 am · History

yup thanx for music background comment..
im too happy.. hoho!!

Posted by Nizam on Feb 25, 08 12:18 am · History

ohhh okay.
well if you want, i can do the effect for you. "/
& sorry about my tut not making sense.
it's just hard to put into words.

Posted by manny-the-dino on Feb 18, 08 12:42 am · History

what steps confuse you?

Posted by manny-the-dino on Feb 12, 08 2:52 pm · History

Really? I couldn't find it anywhere. What did you have for tags?

Posted by SkeleBoy on Feb 11, 08 4:53 pm · History

Same goes to you too. Bless up anyway for checking out on me!

Posted by oneroot on Feb 6, 08 2:42 pm · History

Telling me that it's not mine ain't accusing? Yup I mos def understand.

Posted by oneroot on Feb 6, 08 1:43 pm · History

No It doesn't imply that thank you very much, it jus t implies that I used a photo when I didn't want to upload another. & yes I did it. It's innocent until proven guilty brother. So why don't you get your proof first and then accuse me hm?

Posted by oneroot on Feb 5, 08 10:52 pm · History

music in Spanish...
do you speak spanish?

Posted by spiderpig on Jan 26, 08 10:54 pm · History

Hey, its me, Spider Pig!

Posted by spiderpig on Jan 26, 08 4:51 pm · History

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