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hey hey =) i have a myspace now for all my lyts and graphics etc hope u can support me by adding me :] http://www.myspace.com/youreun iquedesign
sorry for spamming i usually dont do it too haha. this will be my first time to spam people.

Posted by michellekdo on Jan 7, 09 8:40 pm

yea, tinypic works as well

Posted by elrene06 on Sep 26, 07 10:59 pm

hrmm i usually do it on tinypic.com cause imageshack i dont go on there anymore though....apparently it caused my computer the virus the scan took me directly to that site what was going wrong =/ and yeah definitely i know photobucket isnt a good choice man if only i could back onto imageshack again but too afraid lol

Posted by michellekdo on Sep 25, 07 10:36 pm

no problem, glad i could help......

and btw, which site are you using to host the images??
i recommend imageshack instead of photobucket.....cause in photobucket it reduces the size of the picture...

Posted by elrene06 on Sep 25, 07 10:10 pm

hey thanks for helping out it worked

Posted by michellekdo on Sep 25, 07 10:04 pm
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