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there used to be a url in which you just put the friend id of the private profile you wanted to see, and you could see it... but i forgot it, cause i had it saved and somehow i deleted it (which fuckin sucks)

but i knw how to see private friends, comments, and pics i believe.... (same way) if u knw wat i mean

Posted by elrene06 on Aug 26, 08 8:54 pm

thanks for the friend request =]
so i was reading the comment you left on my script and i was just wondering, do you really know how to look at private profiles? i mean, is it really possible? lol. you dont have 2 tell me how if u dont want to but i just think that's really cool lol.

Posted by PeRRiiN on Aug 26, 08 7:01 pm

yep man, no problem

Posted by elrene06 on Aug 26, 08 5:40 pm

thanks for the comment on my script....but as you may already know, there are still a lot of beginners out there who doesn't know that trick yet, so i guess we could say my script only works for them and not for the people who knows about "no style".

Posted by PeRRiiN on Aug 25, 08 1:34 pm
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